ECMA Workshop February 4, 2018

Around the World and Back Again:  Creative Music for Children


Dr. Kari Veblen

Sunday February 4th, 2018

1:30 – 4:30 pm      (registration 1:00 pm)

Rm 330, Edward Johnson Bldg., Faculty of Music, U of T.

80 Queens Park, Museum Subway Station

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This workshop is packed with singing, moving, playing instruments, creating, listening and grooving.  Kari Veblen and her assistants promise you will learn wonderful new things to do with your students.  From Australia to Zimbabwe, travel around the world through songs, games and dances.

The workshop includes a detailed handout with all songs and activities, as well as reflections and links to current research on making music with young children.

Kari K. Veblen is professor of music education at University of Western Ontario, Canada, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses such as foundations of music education, cultural and Canadian perspectives, music for children, and qualitative research methods. Thus far her career spans four decades including stints as elementary music teacher, community musician, curriculum consultant to orchestras and schools, faculty member at UW-Stevens Point, visiting scholar (Center for Research in Music Education, University of Toronto, Canada), and research associate (Irish World Music Centre, University of Limerick, Ireland). Dr. Veblen holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Knox College, and both masters and doctoral degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

ECMA Workshop October 15, 2017

Bounce, Boogie, Books & More


Dan Fee

Sunday October 15, 2017

10:30 am – 4:30 pm  Registration 10:00 am

Room #330, Edward Johnson Bldg., Faculty of Music, U of T.

80 Queens Park, Museum Subway Station

Register by mail using our   Workshop Registration Form   or register on line  here.

Dan Fee’s workshops focus on movement with a big dose of fun!  Whether it’s adding improvised movement using scarves or ribbons, mimicking silly swan movements with paper plates, showing melodic direction with a flashlight, folk dancing, or bringing a book to life, you will have inexpensive, ready-to-use movement activities for Monday morning!

During the workshop, you will be learning rhythmically expressive movement routines to classical music by famous composers such as Bach, Handel, Brahms, Tchaikovsy, Chopin, Mussorgsky, and more. Using scarves, tennis balls, parachutes and paper plates you will learn how to help your students explore music in ways you may never have thought possible.  You will also explore how to effectively add recorded classical music, singing, creative movement and instrument play to classic and significant children’s literatre.  Get ready to use flashlights, bubbles and stacking cups while we uncage the Carnival of the Animals and put your dancing shoes on as we explore folk music from around the world.

The workshop includes a detailed handout with directions to routines and activities, plus thoughts on how to make the inclusion of musical movement activities as successful as possible with your students.

Dan Fee taught music in Wisconsin for 34 years, the last 26 as an elementary music specialist in his home town of Fond du Lac.  He has presented movement sessions at the Wisconsin, Michigan, Alaska, Illinois, Minnesota, Wyoming, Kentucky and Iowa State Music Conferences.  He has also presented sessions for summer workshops in Las Vegas, Nashville, and Branson MO with Artie Almeida and Denise Gagne.  Additionally, Dan has led Orff chapter workshops in Greenville NC, St Louis MO and Detroit MI.  He has taught Elementary Music Methods for Classroom Teachers at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Lakeland College and at Silver Lake College since 2001.  His book Listening Fun! features rhythmically expressive movement routines to classical music using scarves and tennis balls.  His second book, MORE Listening Fun, uses paper plates and parachutes in a similar fashion.

ECMA Workshop April 2, 2017



Julie Martin 

Sunday April 2, 2017

1:30 – 4:30pm, Registration 1 pm

Room #330, Edward Johnson Bldg., Faculty of Music, U of T.

80 Queens Park, Museum Subway Station

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Welcome Spring with this workshop filled with French rhymes, finger plays, songs, games, rounds and activities, aimed mainly at three and four year old children.  This workshop is presented in English, with all activities demonstrated and performed in French, with some seasonal spring accents – bien sûr!

Julie Martin has been teaching music to French speaking children of Toronto for over twelve years.  She is the Founder and Director of Le Petit Atelier, providing music programs to toddlers and preschoolers in daycare centres, and Kindergarten to Grade 6 students in elementary schools.  Julie also teaches the acclaimed ‘Bon Départ’ (Smart Start) program at the Royal Conservatory of Music, and leads training workshops for elementary school teachers and early childhood educators.

Over the years, Julie has developed a wide French repertoire of dynamic and engaging musical activities exploring voice, movement, percussive instruments, basic music concepts, and introduction to music theory.  And the principal component of her approach; it’s always fun!


ECMA Workshop October 23, 2016

Move, Sing, Play … Improvise!

Creating Music & Movement with the Young Child


Leslie Purcell Upchurch


Sunday October 23, 2016

10:30 am – 4:30 pm  Registration 10:00 am

Swansea Town Hall, Council Chamber Room

95 Lavinia Avenue, Toronto

Register by mail using our Workshop Registration form, or register on line below.

This workshop will focus on two aspects of being an early childhood music educator: musical skills and how to craft exercises to suit young children.  We will move to music, play with balls and percussion instruments, sing and create together. Whether or not you have musical experience, you will learn how to improvise gestures, rhythms, melodies and even piano accompaniments.  Come dressed to move and ready to have fun creating!  Material for all musical elements will be suitable for 18 months to elementary.  Explore it today and use it tomorrow in your classroom!

Refreshments will be provided.  Bring a bag lunch.

Leslie Purcell Upchurch is a Dalcroze Eurhythmics educator who holds the Dalcroze License and Certificate from Carnegie Mellon University.  She is on the faculty of the Marta Sanchez Dalcroze Training Center at Carnegie Mellon and The Dalcroze School at Lucy Moses in New York City.  Throughout her career, Ms. Upchurch has taught music classes in all settings, from community music schools to elementary schools and child care centres.  She continues to teach classes for children from ages 18 months to elementary age, while also being an instructor for pre-professional musicians.  Ms. Upchurch holds a BFA in Music from Carnegie-Mellon University and a Masters of Music from the University of Wisconsin/Madison.  She is also furthering her studies in Dalcroze at the Jacques-Dalcroze Institute in Geneva, Switzerland.



Down the Road and Where to Grow

Looking for continuing education or simply a course to update your training? Here are a few opportunities to study early childhood music education in Ontario this Summer:


Music music ed 2in Early Childhood

This must do course is already a tradition at the Royal Conservatory of Music. The course happens between July 18th and July 29th this year and it is recommended to anyone interested in quality music education for young children (prenatal to age eight). The courses includes lectures about pedagogy and philosophies in early childhood music education, musicianship and movement classes, choral singing, folk dancing and repertoire study.

Orff Summer Intensives

Every year the Royal Conservatory of Music offers a number of Summer intensive courses in Orff, the internationally acclaimed approach to teaching music. This year the program is happening between July 4th and July 15th. Three levels of the Orff Certification Program are being offered: Introduction to Orff, Orff Level 1 and Orff Level 2, as well as a Orff Level 1 (Mandarin Support) later in august. If a full course is not an option this Summer, maybe a workshop would refresh your skills and repertoire. “Orff Through the Ages” is a week-long workshop with Doug Goodkin that gives an overview of the curriculum used to teach children 3 years old to 8th grade. The workshop happens from August 22nd to August 26th also at the Royal Conservatory of Music, in Toronto.

Kodàly Training

This year two institutions in Ontario are offering Kodàly training in the ed 1

The University of Western Ontario (London, ON) is offering a Level 1 intensive course between July 3rd and July 15th.

In August, the Royal Conservatory of Music has a Kodàly Level 2 intensive. This might be a good opportunity for those who intend to get the Kodàly certification.

If a Summer intensive is not an option, the RCM is also offering Levels 1 and 2 of the certification program in the Fall with classes once a week from September to May.

Dalcroze Summer Course

Also a tradition in Toronto, the Dalcroze Society of Canada is once more offering its Summer courses. The courses happen between August 8th and August 16th and you can choose between a 3-day initiation, a 6-day immersion or a 8-day intensive. The levels offered this year are Beginner, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.

A few websites worth checking for these and other training opportunities:


Want to know about opportunities in ECME? Became a member of ECMA and get access to exclusive content:

Also, check our facebook page:

All About Our Workshops

Time flies when you’re having fun!

I joined ECMA six years ago because of the quality of their workshops.  Never, in all my years of teaching, had I ever been to workshops so consistently packed with such inspiring and immediately useful 2013-02-03 16.23.31 Einformation.  This small but dedicated group of volunteers organizes 2-3 workshops per year, bringing in experts (both local and international) not only in the field of early childhood music education, but also in fields relating to child development, teaching techniques, singing, care and maintenance of your voice, storytelling, folk dancing, percussion, improvisation … if it has anything to do with kids and music, ECMA will find a way to bring in experienced clinicians to help us learn how to do it, or how to do it in a new and exciting way.

Whether you are nersz_2013-02-03_160011_ew to the field of working with children or, like me, have had the joy of doing it for many years, there is always more to learn.  Someone once told me that if I came away from a workshop with one good idea, then that workshop was worthwhile.  In my resource centre, I now have binders full of information, ideas and resources that I’ve gotten at ECMA workshops.  It is my “go to” spot when I’m looking for something new to do with my classes.


Sometimes as music teachers, or as early childhood educators, we can feel isolated and without support, especially if we work outside of the larger urban centres.  ECMA’s next goal is to bring these amazing woIMG_8506 Irkshops to you online.

In personIMGP3224 2011 E or online we hope you join us!

Chris MartiIMGP3214 2011 E

Vice President


2013-02-03 16.31.06 E IMGP3211 2011 E


ECMA Workshop March 6, 2016

Mighty Pretty Motion

The Hokey Pokey really is what it’s all about!

with Kim Kendrick


Sunday March 6, 2016

1 – 4 pm, Registration 12:30 pm

The North Room, Runnymede United Church

432 Runnymede Road, Toronto

Register by mail using our Workshop Registration form, or register on line below.

We will explore how to engage very young children and caregivers in music classes through creative and playful movement ideas.  Experience familiar songs and rhymes of early childhood in new ways as we discuss how to create new games and activities for your classroom.

Kim Kendrick is a music educator with more than 30 years of experience teaching people of all ages, both in the classroom and privately.  She earned her specialist certification in both Kodaly and Orff-Schulwerk at the Royal Conservatory School in Toronto.  She has also completed 5 post-Level 3 Orff intensive courses with Doug Goodkin, Steve Calantropio and Jo-Ella Hug.  Kim is a frequent workshop presenter, having given workshops for the Toronto District School Board, the Early Childhood Music Association of Ontario, the Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario, and the Anglican Dioceses of Toronto.  Kim worked with the education department of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra on an early childhood education project.  She is the founder and director of the st. Mary Magdalene Orff Ensemble.  Kim is currently on the Faculty of the Royal Conservatory School where she teaches the recorder component of the Orff Level courses.  She is an Itinerant Music Instructor (Orff and Vocal specialist) for the Toronto District School Board and teaches Kindernotes, and early childhood programme of the Toronto Children’s Chorus.

ECMA Workshop January 10, 2016

Musical Touch, Yoga & Little Me

with Brittany Logsdon


Sunday January 10, 2016

1 – 4 pm, Registration 12:30 pm

The North Room, Runnymede United Church

432 Runnymede Road, Toronto

Register on-line at, or you can register by mail using our Workshop Registration form

Experience and discover the often overlooked, but ever so important, social and emotional development of children (birth – age 8). This workshop will focus on how yoga, mindfulness, music and touch can be used to help children develop their social and emotional intelligence. Participants will have the opportunity to experience and practice activities and games that can be used and incorporated into children’s everyday routine. Detailed handout will be provided. Ideal for early childhood educators, music educators and parents.

Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in.  Sock feet are best, as we will be removing our shoes during some activities.  Also feel free to bring a stuffy or baby doll to use during activities.

Brittany Logsdon is a Registered Early Childhood Educator, Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor and Infant Massage Instructor. She is currently completing her Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Music Education at The Royal Conservatory of Music. Brittany has worked with infants and children in a variety of settings over the past ten years including parenting programs, daycares, schools, small groups and private classes. She incorporates mindfulness, breathing techniques and cooperative play into her classes in order to help children develop their social and emotional skills and intelligence. Brittany is passionate about social and emotional development in children and is excited to be able to share her knowledge and experiences with you.


Upcoming ECMA Workshops 2016


On October 23, ECMA is pleased to present a workshop with Leslie Upchurch, a US-based Dalcroze educator.  Leslie will be providing us with practical ways to enhance musical skills and craft activities to suit young children.


Find out more about Leslie at

We look forward to seeing you there!

25th Anniversary Fall Workshop

Music For Learning is Music for Fun!

with Catherine West



Sunday October 25th, 2015

10:30 am – 4:30 pm, Registration 10:00 am

Room 330, Edward Johnson Bldg.

Faculty of Music, U of T

80 Queens Park, Museum Subway Station

A light lunch will be provided for those who have pre-registered

See below to register on-line, or you can register by mail using our Workshop Registration form

Enjoy a delightful and thought-provoking day with an experienced and popular presenter. This workshop will focus on the uniquely engaging power of music to build vital life, learning and music skills in children. Knowing more about how music engages children in learning also means knowing how to make music fun – the two things cannot be separated. Music activities – moving, singing, listening and playing – are closely connected to building language and thinking skills, as well as music skills, while engaging the imagination and creativity of children. This workshop will offer teachers fresh repertoire, and some old favourites with a twist. Together we will explore songs, drama, dance, improvisation, early notation experiences and instruments. Participants of all experience levels are welcome; a thorough handout will be provided. Simple audio files will be made available to those who would like to have them.

Catherine West, recently retired from the TDSB, is the Coordinator of music AQ courses for OISE (U of Toronto) and the Royal Conservatory of Music, and a senior associate with Connexionarts, an arts-in-education consulting company. Catherine completed her early childhood music training with Donna Wood in the early 1980’s and was a founding member of ECMA. Her career has always included early childhood as a specialty and a passion. She has an international reputation as an author, workshop clinician, arts education consultant and course instructor, and has worked with a broad range of clients in the private and public sectors. Currently she is working with the Marilyn Thomson Centre Early Years Research Project at the Royal Conservatory, a project investigating how music can be used to teach cognitive skills to young children