Down the Road and Where to Grow

Looking for continuing education or simply a course to update your training? Here are a few opportunities to study early childhood music education in Ontario this Summer:


Music music ed 2in Early Childhood

This must do course is already a tradition at the Royal Conservatory of Music. The course happens between July 18th and July 29th this year and it is recommended to anyone interested in quality music education for young children (prenatal to age eight). The courses includes lectures about pedagogy and philosophies in early childhood music education, musicianship and movement classes, choral singing, folk dancing and repertoire study.

Orff Summer Intensives

Every year the Royal Conservatory of Music offers a number of Summer intensive courses in Orff, the internationally acclaimed approach to teaching music. This year the program is happening between July 4th and July 15th. Three levels of the Orff Certification Program are being offered: Introduction to Orff, Orff Level 1 and Orff Level 2, as well as a Orff Level 1 (Mandarin Support) later in august. If a full course is not an option this Summer, maybe a workshop would refresh your skills and repertoire. “Orff Through the Ages” is a week-long workshop with Doug Goodkin that gives an overview of the curriculum used to teach children 3 years old to 8th grade. The workshop happens from August 22nd to August 26th also at the Royal Conservatory of Music, in Toronto.

Kodàly Training

This year two institutions in Ontario are offering Kodàly training in the ed 1

The University of Western Ontario (London, ON) is offering a Level 1 intensive course between July 3rd and July 15th.

In August, the Royal Conservatory of Music has a Kodàly Level 2 intensive. This might be a good opportunity for those who intend to get the Kodàly certification.

If a Summer intensive is not an option, the RCM is also offering Levels 1 and 2 of the certification program in the Fall with classes once a week from September to May.

Dalcroze Summer Course

Also a tradition in Toronto, the Dalcroze Society of Canada is once more offering its Summer courses. The courses happen between August 8th and August 16th and you can choose between a 3-day initiation, a 6-day immersion or a 8-day intensive. The levels offered this year are Beginner, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.

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